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About Us

ProFRESHional Creations LLC is a full-service website and graphic design company focused on providing state-of-the-art tech and design solutions for brands, companies, and non-profits. We specialize in visually appealing graphics, website design, landing pages, sales funnels, evergreen content, backend systems, automation, and digital menus. At ProFRESHional Creations, we emphasize structuring graphics for best results and digital overflow!

Our Vision

To help 1 million brands exceed their visions. We take pride in being the go-to trusted design agency for bringing visions to life online and taking your brand to the next dimension!

Our Mission

We're on a mission to help business minds and creative entrepreneurs become multi-faceted, successfully operating multiple brands and streams of income online with ease.

... from the backend to the frontend!

Rapid results. Quality work. Complete solutions. Unmatched Leadership

Our Business Model

Our Value Propositions

ProFRESHional Creations is an expert promotional graphic design agency operating in excellence. We serve company-focused promotional tech and graphic design solutions. We allow clients to devote more time and energy to tasks that bring in more revenue for them by creating well-defined processes, handling website maintenance and promotional design needs. We serve as an extension to the media/ marketing department to provide state-of-the-art promotional graphics, back-end tech support, and automated management systems to organizations worldwide no matter the industry sector or niche. We have strong resources and supporting partners to meet our client's advanced needs overall. Our ability to design fresh visually appealing graphics and create content from a marketing perspective coupled with our passion and our network of strategic partners gives us an uncommon edge over the competition. We spend time training business minds on how to design their business processes online. We value creating opportunities for others and helping foster a positive impact on the economy.

Who We Serve

We serve small business owners, creative entrepreneurs, online mega earners, and large organizations. we focus on taking brands and small businesses to the next dimension, helping organizations thrive in the next section represents the individuals and companies we target.

What We Specialize In

Promotional Graphic Design Solutions

  • Website Design

  • Landing Pages

  • Digital Graphics

  • Content Design

  • Promotional Video Editing

  • Digital Displays & Menus

  • Advertisement Design

  • Print & Promotional Materials

  • Sales Funnels & Evergreen Content

Primary NIACS Codes






Graphic Design Services

Other Specialized Design Services

Computer Systems Design Services

Other Management Consulting Services

Other Services Related to Advertising

Tech Solutions

  • Electronic Documents & Forms

  • Backend System Creation & Management

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & (SEM)

  • Automation, Email & Text Marketing Integration

  • Advanced Websites & eCommerce Stores

  • Data Analysis & Performance Review & Analytics

  • Industry-Specific Brainstorming

  • Training & Consulting Services

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Small business owners, online mega earners, social media managers, strategists, producers, and influencers are 3X more likely to grow on a solid foundation if they work closely with promotional designers like us. ProFRESHional Creations realizes that their time is best spent focusing on their craft. We help and support them in doing so by offering outsourcing and partnerships that include team training for backend website management, promotional graphics, and visuals, sales funnels, we even provide industry-specific brainstorming and consulting.

ProFRESHional Creations Model (4).png

ProFRESHional Creations understands that creative entrepreneurs, authors, entertainers, producers, designers, facilitators, planners, and editors all face obstacles. From finding their place in the digital world to structuring their sites, pages, and visuals for best results. In this generation of visual buyers with short attention spans. We have a variety of options that promote enriched training environments, DFY services, partnerships, and mentorships for creatives that need training or pointing in the right direction before or after launching.

ProFRESHional Creations Model (7).png

We've seen many of our clients grow into large organizations. One thing that we've learned from assisting with our client's growth is that a solid foundation is key. We serve as an extension to marketing departments to help the company grow as one body. We plan and build solid foundations by setting up and managing backend structure, design and branding libraries, team dashboards, etc. We also offer team training to help you continue to thrive in the digital world. Organizations need a combination of brand consistency, endless graphics, website management, and expert promotional design expereince. We build team dashboards for ease of access to tutorials and other important links.

Our Impact

At ProFRESHional Creations Technology & Design Group we focus on the following:

  • Taking brands and small businesses to the next dimension.

  • Helping organizations thrive in the digital world.

  • Empowering creative entrepreneurs in this generation of visual buyers.

These are the clients we have had the ability to impact the most.

Our Process

We serve the best graphic design and tech solutions for brands!
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We conduct a design needs analysis to assure the best tech and design solutions to give your business the vitality it needs. A custom design strategy will be created for your brand.


The most explosive designs are visually appealing! We guarantee that your completed project will be just that.

We take our time to make your visions come to life and pay very close attention to detail.  

We pride ourselves in assuring that your finished project is what you need to advance. During the revision process you'll have an opportunity to review your project and request.

Services & Plans

Design Solutions

Design packages for brands in need of simple landing pages or high converting sales funnels. Includes 1-3 landing pages, auto-response set up, email sequences, social graphics and digital product and lead magnet creation. Everything you need for a fully functional sales funnel.

Tech Solutions

Monthly subscription plans that include monthly design time & tech support. Each plan allots a certain amount of hours each month. Unused time rolls over as long as the plan is active. Design request can be submitted anytime. Includes Easy Web Hosting services.

Easy Web Hosting

Monthly plans for people that don't have a platform or need to switch platforms. Includes a page builder, tutorials for operating and a private community for, ideas, creation discovery and support. Also includes design trainings for sales funnels, landing pages & sites.

A La Carte Services

Our services include everything from custom social graphics, digital product creation and landing pages, to membership websites, sales funnels and eCommerce stores. Once a purchase or a payment is made client is directed to schedule their design strategy session where we will discuss details for there project. Estimated turn around time is 7-10 days on select projects.

Vision To Life Master Planner

The Vision To Life Master Planner helps you STRATEGICALLY scale your business and VISUALIZE your best years ever from quarter to quarter. When you can see their plans from a birds-eye view with everything in one place it eases tedious processes and better prepares you for scalability and growth.

  • Original Master Planner- see description above

  • Project Planner- for planning projects, events, customer journies, etc

  • Team ProFRESHional- for buliding Crème de la Crème teams

Company Leadership

Our owner Courtney Woods is the Master Promotional Graphic Designer of the company. Her brand, Tech Queen 88, operates as the DIY (Design It Yourself) side

ProFRESHional Creations Model (8).png

Courtney Woods @techqueen88

  • Specializes in designing sites, pages and graphics that simplify functionality, decrease bounce rates and increase conversion rates.

  • Graphic Design Director for The Confess Project Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) Foundation

  • BS in Business Management and Human Resources (UAB 2012)

  • Master Promotional Graphic Designer and Owner of ProFRESHional Creations Technology & Design Group

ProFRESHional Creations Model (1).gif

Our Tech Queen is Master Promotional Graphic Designer, Courtney Woods “Tech Queen 88” is the owner of ProFRESHional Creations Technology & Design Group, with offices in Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA. She spends her time designing ProFRESHional websites, landing pages, digital media and graphics for business minds, nonprofits, organizations and online mega earners. In addition to being a graphic designer Courtney freely shares the latest design trends and tech tips to help business minds grasp the concept of visual communication online for best results. Ms. Woods specifically enjoys helping people not only design their businesses online, but also create time freedom in their business and bring their brand to life so they can bust through the glass ceiling and shine online!

This UAB graduate has taught Microsoft Office at Jefferson State Community College and truly enjoys helping professionals and students find what it is they love to do and establish themselves online. She gracefully breaks down the complexity of tech and design to help you tackle the obstacles that stand in the way of your online goals. No matter if she's creating a one of a kind masterpiece, volunteering her time for STREAM initiatives or training beginners on promotional design she brings visions to life!

Our CEO, Courtney Woods founded ProFRESHional Creations Technology and Design Group in 2015 after designing serval visually appealing websites. Her expertise comes from her genuine passion for the skill, desire to help small businesses and years of graphic design and technical experience. Her ability to successfully implement high converting promotional designs and create websites that improve and streamline operational processes for sustainability from the front end to the back end has made her a sought after Master Promotional Graphic Designer! Check out her signature digital products and training offerings below.

Meet Our Tech Queen

ProFRESHional Creations Model (9).png
ProFRESHional Creations Model.gif

Signature Products & Training Programs

5-Day Design Online Challenge

This is a challenge for people to stop wasting their time sending traffic to sites and pages that are not structured and designed for best results.

Digital Visuals Vault

Intermediate training for those who have lite experience designing online, but need extra help completing specific design projects. What's Inside: tutorials for designing graphics that evoke emotion, tutorials, guides and resources for creating digital products, social graphics and much more!

BMC Group Training & Mentorship

The Business Minds Club is our private ProFRESHional Community for growing creative entrepreneurs and business minds. Let us help you discover & Create unique design strategies for increase online!

One-On-One Training Sessions

Includes one on one training, brainstorming and consulting via video conference and 14 days of follow-up email support and feedback.

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