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Accomplish All Your Goals!

Gone are the days of being inconsistent and leaving open projects incomplete. Join GOAL Diggers with Clarissa Kenty, owner of iCu Media for Real Onsite Action Planning, reliable resources, and a solid community to help you consistently reach all your goals.

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Real On-Site Action Planning

Brand Image Best Practices

Proven Reliable Resources

Virtual Networking & Accountability

We Don't Just Set Goals, We Dig In!

People like you who use our Real Onsite Action Planning techniques and reliable resources, along with spiritual warfare training and our brand image solutions reach every goal they set out to accomplish inside our GOAL Diggers Membership. You too can reach your goals!

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The GOAL Diggers Membership includes explosive group training and valuable resources. The heart and soul of GOAL Diggers is centered around spiritual warfare, action planning, and brand image.

We meet twice per month as a group to discuss a variety of topics centered around spiritual warfare, action planning, brand image, and goal setting and tracking.

We have frequent Q&A Sessions to help you identify and defeat any spiritual or professional obstacles that may be holding you back once and for all!

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We provide you with resources and worksheets to keep you focused on maintaining each goal you set out to accomplish and overcome any threats or weaknesses you may face along the way.

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Hi, my name is Clarissa Kenty, owner of iCu Media and I'll be your Kingdom Concierge throughout your GOAL Diggers membership program. My agency iCu Media provides live stream, production, and brand image services to help get your message out.

I have many years of experience in teaching action planning in corporate America and as a ministry leader. I enjoy instilling those same values and strategies that top executives use into Kingdom builders.

I'm now on a mission to help Kingdom builders around the world like yourself establish your brand image, get your message out, and adopt the concept of action planning to consistently accomplish your goals!

I'm here to serve you so you can defeat whatever's been holding you back spiritually and professionally once and for all!


Our Textbook for

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The GOAL Diggers membership includes the Vision To Life Quarterly Master Planner to help you get a good visual of where you are with your goals and keep track of what you set to accomplish.

Your Kingdom Concierge will instruct you on best practices for action planning and brand image

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Complete valuable frameworks that top executives use to help you smash your goals 10x faster than the average adult. Everything you need in one place!

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Use proven tactics and analysis to help you challenge your thinking and choice goals so you can shift your mindset and make more effective moves in the digital world.

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Actively take your ideas and visions from thoughts to the creation of fully functional features and concepts on a consistent basis!

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Apdat foundational and endurance tools, action-planning, and new consistency and growth techniques for expansion to help you clearly visualize from a birds-eye view with ease.

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Payment Options

Book Clarissa for In-Person Coaching & Speaking

Group Mentorship

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  • Exclusive media and brand image training

  • Spiritual and professional warfare Q&As

  • Weekly GOAL Digger assignments

  • Kingdom building assessments

  • Access to our private (on-site) membership community

  • Weekly Q & A and Accountability Check-Ins

  • Voucher for Vision To Life Master Planner

  • Action planning techniques

1-ON-1 Mentorship

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🚀1-ON-1 media and image consulting sessions

🚀Image evaluation + suggestions

🚀Brand-specific assessment & to-do list

🚀Discounts or free access to iCu Media events

  • Exclusive media and image training

  • Weekly GOAL Digger assignments

  • Kingdom building assessments

  • Access to our private membership community

  • Weekly Q & A and Accountability Check-Ins

  • Vision To Life Master Planner